La Passione del Grano: l’antico rito in tre atti

«In Lucania, at the time of the harvest, the Passion of the Wheat is still celebrated, a residual agricultural rite of the ancient Mediterranean religious civilizations, widespread in a recent past throughout rural Europe. The archaic terror of the "vegetable void" of winter has led the peasants to consider the harvest as a mortal offense against the wheat killed by the scythe. Let the "crime" be committed, then, in the form of a sacred representation, the hunt for a mythical animal, the goat ». Thus opens the ethnographic documentary The Passion of the Wheat, directed by Lino Del Fra dating back to 1959 at the "invitation" of Ernesto De Martino, anthropologist born in Naples in 1908. In short, the three acts of the rite that comes to life every year in the representation of CURVE Inside Cilento in July.

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